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About Us

What devices can accomplish in your life is truly breathtaking. Whether home or business, they offer benefits that yesterday’s science fiction writers could only dream about. But devices have their own downside—they tend to control you. Put E-Connect Technology on the front line to end the frustration and watch the difference as devices do your bidding. We have assembled a group of top-notch professionals who are passionate about making that happen.

For the last 10 years, Ed Cross has operated Cross Digital. A main focus of his company has been video surveillance and integrating the data into networks. He often found himself working alongside Carl Evanson and his team at A Plus Electric. A Plus Electric has extensive experience in home/office automation, network integration, speaker installation and home theater. Combine expertise from Carl and Ed’s companies and you have the genesis of what blossomed into E-Connect Technology.

E-Connect Technology has an expert team with over 80 years of combined low and high voltage experience. The company operates in separate space but within the same building as A Plus Electric at 9039 South Meridian Road (US127), Clark Lake.

The team is excited with the prospect of improving and solving issues in your legacy systems and developing entirely new, cutting-edge, solutions for you.