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high-tech solutions. We combine the huge benefits of today’s tech and deliver control to you in one simple app. We specialize in turning complicated into simple.

Technology Solutions


Capturing and retaining video of your place of business documents activity 24/7/365.


Engage your customers with large colorful flat screens. Make changes remotely or automate it by time of day, and increase your revenues.


Your ability to streamline many services into one easy to use app will improve your day.


Automation with remote control improves life and saves money.


Immerse yourself in a fantastic world that surrounds you more than the recliner that embraces you.


Whether connected by Bluetooth or wire, placing speakers inside or out can be a challenge.

We offer complete services for both residential and commercial applications.

New TV? Who You Gonna Call?

Getting that new flat screen mounted on the wall, wired properly, or hooked up to external speakers is not a five-minute DIY job.  Complications just take the fun out of it. E-Connect Technology is set up to accommodate your needs and eliminate the pain. Did you know...

Getting Control

Recently E-Connect Technologies and A Plus Electric teamed up to install Lutron switches in a customer’s home. This allowed the home owner to switch lights and appliances on and off through Alexa, wall switches, or smartphone. With a system like this, it’s also...

E-Connect Technologies Is Open

E-Connect Technologies is open! By now, you may have heard about additional restrictions imposed by the State of Michigan in response to COVID.  These restrictions, lasting three weeks, do not affect many businesses.  AE-Connect Technology will continue to respond to...

A Sad Tale

An E-Connect Technology customer called Carl Evanson with a tale of woe.  The customer’s sump pump had failed.  Knee-deep water ruined everything stored in the basement.  What’s more, the customer didn’t even know about the disaster for three days.  The customer...

July 4th

The home crowd enjoyed a salute to our nation’s independence Saturday night. This annual fireworks display has become a tradition of the Menard’s family (not the same as the store). The event is under the watchful eye of Evelyn Menard, who is now 96. The rest of the family help launch the fireworks from their dock along Clark Lake’s Ocean Beach. And rafts and boats watch the event from the east end of the lake.

Security for Business and Home

Feeling responsible for what happens at your place of business and home is natural.  Good security helps you keep an eye on things. E-Connect Technology is ready to install the latest hi tech cameras or improve your legacy systems.  Concerns are allayed when you can...

A Security Message from E-Connect Technology

In uncertain times, people take precautions.   A high def security camera with a recording system is a good start.   E-Connect Technology can help by professionally installing this added layer of security for home or work.  If you prefer to install it yourself, an...

Working from Home?

Working from home?  Because of the current health risk, some employers are sending people home and asking them to work from there.  Will this be happening to you or someone you know?  If so, good internet will be on the top of your list for work space must-haves....

Getting Your Digital House in Order

The Exponent recently interviewed E-Connect Technology's Carl Evanson about getting your digital house in order.  Carl headlined the dilemma this way, "We get a lot of phone calls from people that will buy a shopping cart full of stuff at Best Buy, bring it home and...

Time Out for a Photo Op

Some E-Connect Technology team members took a few minutes from their work for a photo in front of the newly wrapped van.  E-Connect Technology is located at 9039 Meridian Road (US 127), Clark Lake.  The E-Connect team shares the building with A Plus Electric.

Stories hitting the news suggest there is no better time than right now to harden security.  E-Connect Technology specializes in camera systems that will help you sleep at night. View what’s happening at the workplace anytime day or night, and from anywhere in the...

Happy New Year

As the sun sets on a most unusual year, we thought you might enjoy reflecting on some of the good moments.  We're fortunate to live among many lakes in our service area.  If you're in the right spot at the right time, you can witness natural magic at these lakes. ...

Taking Temperatures by Camera

New threats call for innovations to deal with them.  A product available from E-Connect.tech rises to the need during the current risk to health.  The Invidtech dual spectrum camera can measure the temperature of humans, objects  or animals.  When someone passes...

E-Connect Technology Supports Jackson Sharks Youth Baseball

E-Connect Technology is getting behind the Jackson Sharks Youth Baseball Team.  Joining with Huff Auto Group and Island City Cornhole, E-Connect is helping to offset tournament and equipment costs to ensure a player doesn’t have to worry about the expense keeping them...

What’s Ahead for 2020

The New Year is here, and if you're looking to find out what's new, E-Connect Technology has answers. Recently Carl Evanson, Ed Cross, and team member Shauna took a few minutes to highlight the coming year.  Find out what surprising technologies are already here and...

Convenience King Store Steps Up

When Convenience King Group sought to upgrade their digital potential, they called E-Connect Technology.  E-Connect's Ed Cross worked with the Convenience King's team to design a system that improves transactions and security for customers, employees and company. Ed...

New Sign with New Ideas

A new E-Connect Technology sign now marks our headquarters.  You'll see it as you travel north or south on Meridian Road (US 127) between Reed and Jefferson Roads.  Behind the sign is something good.  It's a bundle of ideas, ways of putting your digital house or...

Low Voltage Installations: What You Need to Know

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that your electrical work requires a permit and inspection.  Wiring a house or industrial machinery involves high-voltage, and no one wants to tempt the danger of a serious electrical shock or fire.  But does regulation also involve...

Good Ideas Multiply

Find out what happens when good ideas multiply.

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