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An E-Connect Technology customer called Carl Evanson with a tale of woe.  The customer’s sump pump had failed.  Knee-deep water ruined everything stored in the basement.  What’s more, the customer didn’t even know about the disaster for three days.  The customer lamented “my sump pump went bad and it was worse because I didn’t know it.”

This could happen to anybody who has a basement or crawl space with a sump pump.  Or anyone who has plumbing in his or her home.

Carl Evanson concluded every customer needs a warning.  So, he researched a solution and found just the right device. Here’s what E-Connect can do for you.  E-Connect Technology will install a flood monitor that connects to your WI-FI with a smart phone app.  It can warn you by sounding a siren, or sending you an email or text.  It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for Touchless Voice Control, No Hub Required.  Say no to flooding disasters at $150 installed.  E-Connect Technology is happy to support your peace of mind.

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