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You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that your electrical work requires a permit and inspection.  Wiring a house or industrial machinery involves high-voltage, and no one wants to tempt the danger of a serious electrical shock or fire.  But does regulation also involve low-voltage installations?

Here’s what’s changing.  The same Ethernet cable that connects a server to a security camera may also supply the camera’s power, for example.  The camera doesn’t require 110 volts, but it does need some power. Installations must be done properly to prevent maddening malfunctions.  There’s an even more serious concern. What if the plastic shield around the wiring heats up and causes a meltdown, or worst yet, ignites a fire or creates an electrical shock environment.

E-Connect Technology is up to date with the latest changes to the National Electrical Code or NEC.  The NEC is used by local regulators to establish when and where permits or inspections are required.  Would you like to read more about it?  Please click here to see what’s happening with NEC Article 725.144.  Or if you have a question, email office@e-connect.tech or call (517) 529-7267.