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In uncertain times, people take precautions.   A high def security camera with a recording system is a good start.   E-Connect Technology can help by professionally installing this added layer of security for home or work.  If you prefer to install it yourself, an E-Connect tech will help you remotely.  Either way, the system has a three-year warranty, and you can always call our team to answer questions or give you advice.

This camera system prepares you for the 4k world.  Other cameras may say 4k, but at best, they record at 1080p.  4K provides added resolution and reveals details you wouldn’t normally detect, especially in low-light situations.  And that’s important.  When you play back an episode, you want to know exactly what happened.

This system is expandable.  A doorbell can be incorporated, and facial recognition turned on.  You can direct the camera not to record a known face, but to go into action for one it doesn’t recognize.

This camera system can be integrated into your home or work network.  It’s flexible. You can easily connect it to the internet and watch it live–or play it back through your phone or through a screen of your own. Unlike most you’ll find at retail, this camera won’t soon be outdated.  It’s prepared for your digital future.

The package includes two cameras, NVR recording device, and 100 feet of CAT 6 cable with pre-made ends. It’s a plug and play system.

For a self-install (includes remote help), E-Connect has this ready-to-go camera system available now for $749.

With E-Connect Technology, you have a local company standing by you, with assistance whenever you need it.