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When Convenience King Group sought to upgrade their digital potential, they called E-Connect Technology.  E-Connect’s Ed Cross worked with the Convenience King’s team to design a system that improves transactions and security for customers, employees and company.

Ed and his crew installed 25 security cameras in a true 4k system for the ultimate in clarity.  Ed commented “many businesses know the value of cameras, but high definition improves their effectiveness tenfold.”  He added, “being able to see details makes the difference–what good is a camera if the image is blurry?”  That was the agreed upon strategy for the convenience store and gas station at Lansing and North in Jackson.

The security cameras can be monitored on or off premise with easy-to-use controls.  In today’s world, customers, employees and managers all have high expectations for the use of security cameras.  “That was our job–to meet and exceed those expectations,” adds Ed.

Beyond security, E-Connect Technology’s directive was to improve customer transactions.  The crew installed seven 50-inch flat screens throughout the store.  The inviting messages on the screens lead to additional point-of-sale transactions.  But anyone who has put up retail messages on flat screens knows about keeping the message in touch with current customer needs.  The update process use to require inserting a flash drive into the flat screen USB port, followed by attempting to program the screens with remotes.  Not much fun if you’re in a hurry.  “Our solution was to build a flash drive junction box, so operators can insert updates from a central location.”  Mounting a ladder, struggling to find the USB port, and trying to program the TV with a remote are things of the past.

Because of this E-Connect design, this Convenience King location is insulated from the adverse effects of power outages.  Each screen is controlled so they easily recover from glitches.  “On top of that we we installed a power conditioning system for longer equipment life,” notes Ed.

To save time and money, the entire system can be automated.   There is nothing automated about the store’s smiling faces.  Each wear the company message, “P S We Love You.”

Meet the E-Connect Technology crew:  Travis Lampman, Carl Evanson (president), Stephanie, Ed Cross (vice-president).