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A new E-Connect Technology sign now marks our headquarters.  You’ll see it as you travel north or south on Meridian Road (US 127) between Reed and Jefferson Roads.  Behind the sign is something good.  It’s a bundle of ideas, ways of putting your digital house or business in order.  E-Connect’s team can give you firmer control of your legacy digital outlay—or install entirely new digital assistants that will save time, money, and/or improve security.

E-Connect Technology reigns in both residential and commercial realms.  That includes video surveillance, digital signage,  home/office automation, network integration, home theater, TV and speaker installation.  That’s a lot in one breath!

Digital signage at a Kelly Express Mart

The new sign you see on your travels is a reminder we’re ready to help you explore putting the digital world to work for you.  Don’t let today’s devices frustrate you.  E-Connect is here to put to put you in control.