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When Kelly Fuels opened their new station in Napoleon, they looked for a way to showcase some of their offerings inside the mart.  When you walk in, your eye catches a TV monitor displaying the latest weather.  As you scan to the right, you’re tempted to enjoy their fountain drinks, coffee, and ready-to-go food.

Because the messages are on flat-screens, the display can be changed depending on time of day and season. Those changes can even be automated, placing less burden on employees and assuring managers the messages are kept up to date.

So, what happened once these flat screens went into action at Kelly Fuel’s impressive new location?  “Others said ‘that’s a great idea, can you do it for us?’”, according E-Connect Technology’s Carl Evanson.  Carl adds “We’re happy to help improve the look, feel and efficiency of your business.”  The result can lead to maximizing every customer contact by addressing their sometimes unspoken needs.