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You bring home that cool new 70-inch flat screen, open the box, and then what?  Getting it on the wall where you want it could offer some real do-it-yourself challenges.  E-Connect Technology knows a lot about what’s involved. So, as you look forward to watching this new TV, here are some important considerations in getting your TV where you want it and looking great for the long-term.

  • Connecting the 110-volt power and other control wiring such as the HDMI cable that will go to your sound system.  Do you have power and other wiring at the desired wall location?  If not, our team can make that happen.
  • Fishing the wires through the wall cavity so you won’t see cords dangling or creating a hazard. 
  • Locating studs, and anchoring the TV to wood framing. Not doing this could lead to a nasty surprise.  If the mounting bracket is attached only to the drywall, the whole TV could pull away from the wall and land on the floor, or worse yet, on the kids sitting in front of it.  The mishap will also leave behind an ugly hole in the wall.
  • Using an articulating arm mount. This also allows you to change the angle of the TV for easier viewing depending on your location in the room.
  • Installing a recessed junction box.  This saves space so that the TV is as close to the wall as possible. Wiring, plugs and other paraphernalia is compacted into the wall cavity, but if you need to make changes, they are still accessible.

If you want it done quickly, you know who to call.  Our team is comprised of experienced pros, and they do this work regularly.