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Capturing and retaining video of your place of business documents activity 24/7/365. Whether you have one location or 1000, E-Connect Technology offers excellent security options with the ease of control from your device, no matter where you are. Why wait for a problem to take advantage of you? Our solutions put you in control with the latest and best options.


Your ability to streamline many services into one easy to use app will improve your day. Why depend on employees to turn lights on or off, raise or lower the thermostat or remember dozens of other key functions when a well-designed app can do it for you? Raise your efficiency quotient and save money. Once you see how it works for your business, you’ll want it for home, too.


Automation with remote control improves life and saves money. Reliability depends on the strength of your network—WIFI and wired connectivity. For flawless 4k streaming, hi-resolution audio and video, camera control, and dependable automation, your network must be rock-solid. Whether wireless or wired, our solutions solve your issues at work or home. We take what’s complicated and make it simple for you.


Whether connected by Bluetooth or wire, placing speakers inside or out can be a challenge. Our team wins this game every time. You want sound “there?” No problem.


Immerse yourself in a fantastic world that surrounds you more than the recliner that embraces you. Experience the excitement of capturing tigers in the wild, fending off an alien attack or sitting on the 50-yard line of Lion’s game as your home theater space transforms into something phenomenal. (Okay, maybe not the Lions). Our team will install